Welcome to RISE TVEP's new blogspot, The RISE Review. Don Coberly and Wil Overgaard, the new Co-Directors of this unique organization, are excited to create an arena for sharing information and ideas on how RISE TVEP and its partners can accomplish its vision of “ensuring success of every child, every step of the way, from cradle to career”.

RISE TVEP began as a collaborative partnership between school districts, businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities in the Treasure Valley to study and explore current practices and opportunities available to Treasure Valley youth enrolled in public schools in an effort to improve student outcomes by identifying initiatives and resources with a high probability and potential for creating positive system change and positive outcomes for students that can be measured and duplicated in communities across the state.

Any effort to improve outcomes for students must be predicated on research, good data collection and analysis, and adoption and implementation of best practices to make such changes effective and permanent.

Don Coberly and Wil Overgaard with their combined 79 years of experience as educators in Idaho, in large and small schools, urban and rural schools, and in working with students with diverse backgrounds, are committed to assisting RISE TVEP and its partners accomplish its vision. The Treasure Valley is home to the largest number of school districts, students, and educators in Idaho. Successful initiatives and system change here can have major implications for school districts, students, and educators across the state of Idaho.

Don and Wil, the recently retired superintendents of the Boise School District and the Weiser School District, are contemporaries and products of Idaho’s educational system in their own preparation and training. Don and Wil are committed to improving outcomes for all Idaho students by involving themselves in research and advocacy. They are also interested in highlighting the success of Idaho schools that have implemented innovative and effective strategies that have had positive outcomes for students.

Don and Wil look forward to engaging with all RISE TVEP partners with similar interests in promoting the organization’s commitment to seeking initiatives that will help prepare children for school, succeed academically, and move successfully into some form of post-secondary training.

Here's a brief video introduction of the new RISE/TVEP Co-directors.