Cash for College Campaign



The most commonly cited barrier to postsecondary education is college affordability. While FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion is only one step in the college-going process, it is the only way for students to unlock their access to federal loans and grants (including Pell), statewide scholarships and grants, and often institutional and community-based scholarships and grants.


The Idaho Cash for College Campaign encourages FAFSA completion as part of helping students navigate the college-going process during their senior year of high school. This initiative encourages schools to build upon their existing efforts around FAFSA completion with an in-school campaign, accompanied by on-site support for filling out the FAFSA.
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Student enrollment  and college/career readiness strategies realized an increase in completed scholarships (28%), FAFSAs (51%), and college applications (79%).

*This project addresses the Beyond High School Community Benchmark.