Proof in Data


49% of Idaho children enter kindergarten unprepared, 1 out of 3 Idaho 3rd graders are reading below grade level, and 58% of Idaho adults have no post-secondary credential. These numbers can be discouraging, but at RISE, we’re fonder of these numbers, as they show that the work of our partnership and devoted educators across the valley is paying off:


53% increase in prepared preschoolers

Learn about the Get Ready to Read Project here

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78% of participating Kuna students held or increased reading scores

Learn about the Book and a Bite Project here


20% increase in students completing a FAFSA

Learn about the Senior Exit Survey Project here

By maximizing the strengths and assets of our partners and supporting the great work of our teachers, we’ve accomplished great things that are positively impacting education outcomes.

You can read more about our impact in the annual report publications we release to the community and RISE’ stakeholders.