David Eastwood Collective Impact Manager

David Eastwood
Collective Impact Manager

A graduate of the University of Georgia, David has worked in education and career readiness for over 15 years. He’s proud of his experience as a teacher and coach at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels, as well as his time working within private education companies, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity to lend his expertise to RISE, where he facilitates cross sector community partners to develop projects that use intentional data for continuous improvement.

Sheralynn Bauder Partnership Coordinator

Sheralynn Bauder
Partnership Coordinator

Sheralynn loves working with close-knit community led teams like RISE that seek to make a difference in their community! She manages our partnership outreach, project coordination and internal communications. She earned a Masters in Natural Resources with a certificate in Environmental Education from the University of Idaho, as well as an undergraduate degree in Communication. To add to her diverse skillset, Sheralynn has a strong background in community-based collaborations, as well as volunteer coordination and relationship cultivation.