Who We Serve


Students. Families. Idaho.

The RISE partnership serves all through our dedication to improving education outcomes across the entire Treasure Valley area, which spans four Southwest Idaho counties and serves over 200,000 youth and students across nine school districts and six universities/colleges in the Treasure Valley.


Our valley is a diverse region made up of an interesting mix of rapidly growing* urban and rural communities, many of them home to low-income families and Hispanic and refugee populations. Consistently, the state of Idaho has ranked in the bottom of the most common student success measurements in the nation.

These stats are what drive us every day at RISE! Our kids deserve the very best opportunities to be successful in their lives, and we have the ability to help make that happen. And we have a number of wonderful positives on our side to aid in those efforts—our communities are tight-knit, educators are dedicated and connected, and key stakeholders are engaged. There is no better time than now to catapult our work to improve student outcomes and move the needle on Idaho’s education goals.  

*The Southwest Idaho region is experiencing one of the fastest growth spurts in the country, brought on by a growing tech industry. It’s predicted that by 2025, 65% of our jobs will require continuing education, adding pressure on an education system that is already struggling to keep pace.